Fighting Ignorance: First step: Removing angers/tempers?

To me, it seems pretty clear that when people get angry at other things or people, they are in ignorance. They do not fully understand the people or things that they are angry at, and they are, in a sense, “confused”. In that confusion, it seems that anger or general annoyance arises.

Example: I heard someone complaining about the obscene price of digital albums on ITunes, thinking that the manufacturing cost of physical cd’s was the bulk of the 15$ cost, and yet, they still sell for 10$ digitally? But that person did not realize that there are more predominant factors than manufacturing costs. There are server costs and such associated with digital music. Initially, That person had a sense of confusion, saying to himself, “why is the pricing like this?!?”, and a small bout of anger came about from that. But with understanding, theres no need for that anger.

I realize that trying to do things like “rid the world of hate and anger” is pretty much impossible, but do you agree that anger and temper is the root of ignorance? If people were to just try to understand their opponents, put themselves in their enemies shoes, would that anger be diminished?

I believe so, and every time I get angry at something, I just think a little harder and try to see myself in their shoes. And then I understand.

I think that removing anger from these situations is vital for fighting ignorance, but for a more specific reason. In the situations you describe, I think the anger is as much a symptom of ignorance as a cause of it. However, also, when people get angry in situations like this, it becomes more difficult for them to admit their ignorance.

For instance, if someone hears that an item is more expensive than they expected, and they simply say “Wow, I would have thought that would be cheaper” a bystander can interject with “Oh, the extra cost comes from <insert rational explanation>”. Ignorance is fought, and everyone goes home happy and clued in.

However, they might also say “My God that’s expensive! What are these price-gouging bastards trying to do to me? First thing tomorrow I’m going to go and kick them in the knees!” Now if someone points out the explanation for the price, the original speaker looks like a fool for flying off the handle. If they are willing to stand up and admit they went off half-cocked then good for them, but a lot of people are inclined to just steamroll rationality in an attempt to save face, in my experience. Thus, ignorance is preserved.

I agree very much with this. I think perhaps this is more a case of eliminating ignorance to reduce anger, rather than the other way around. Still definitely a worthy goal though. :slight_smile: