Fighting ignorance - health myths

I stumbled across this link on - a few good debunkings of myths about health in there:

I did try to find the “master” index (assuming 2002 to be a subset of the entire repository) but was unsuccessful.

Taking vitamine C after you are sick doesn’t change how long or the severity of your illness.

–Most of the symptoms of illnesses are caused by immune reactions, those reactions take place a number of days POST infection. So you’re already sick. However, if you take vit C BEFORE you get sick, assuming you have a diet deficient in Vit C (in modern america that’s almost impossible), then your body will be healthier and healthier = higher resistance to disease.

You can’t contaminate yourself with genetically engineered foods :stuck_out_tongue:

–This is the STUPIDEST thing I’ve ever heard. I’ve heard all sorts of stupid variations on this. My favorite was claiming that you ran a risk of exposing yourself to the engineered DNA of the plant :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok folks, when you eat BEEF you’re exposing yourself to the DNA of the freaking cow in EXACTLY the same way when you eat that genetically engineered tomato. Has ANYONE, throughout the history of humankind eating beef EVER turned into a cow?

Rubbing yourself with DNA, or drinking buckets of DNA doesn’t mean the DNA gets intergrated into your cells.

Look, if you add a gene from wheat to a rice plant that makes the rice grow faster you’ve now got a rice-wheat hybrid. Which is pretty damn similar to all of those hybrid plants that farms grow by cross polinations. It’s NOT gonna be toxic!

Do you get poisoned and die if you eat a pita stuffed with greek rice? 'Cause you’re eating both rice and that protein in the wheat :stuck_out_tongue: