Fighting Ignorance.... Indeed.

Cecil has covered this
here, as well as a thread here, I’m sure there are others.


Cite please?

Cite please?


No one is arguing this, be it true or false. The only thing being argued is your assertion of the possiblity that the Ark of the Covenant is buried in the Money Pit, which you seem to contradict here. Judging from what I have seen so far, any ‘possible theory’ is the same as fact in your book.


This is the place for it.

The Straigh Dope is supposed to be fighting ignorance (since 1972!), and so far everything you have posted is dripping with with ignorance and pseudo-intellectualism.

Oh, and welcome to The SDMB.

I just have to say, I love that phrase. “Human madness attempting to explain the obvious”. What could be more apropos?

I am truly shocked by the level of pure hate that emerged from this guy. I never said I was a psychiatrist. The nerve of that guy.

Well, I’d like to thank him for my new sig . . . (Debuting here!)

I dunno. He may be onto something.

“A recent Discovery Channel special outlined the theory of the Knights Templar having every reason and every opportunity to engineer the Money Pit.”

I mean, the movie sucked, real hard. Could Tom Hanks be a 33rd Degree member?

btw, Seydlitz, unstaple Eco’s book from your face, take a couple of deep breaths, and hope the the nurse will be by soon with the meds. Cuz if she isn’t, the monkeys will return. Mark my words, they always come back. Muwahhahahahahaha!

I said earlier that there was a show on Discovery about the moon landings being a hoax. I just found out I was wrong, its on fox where it belongs. I have seen lots of shows on Discovery about Bermuda Triangle, Bigfoot, etc… so you know what I was getting at.

I do believe THAT qualifies as a legitimate homophobic comment.

Despite that, I laughed my way through the entire thread. I haven’t had that much fun since we debated Mr. Bunnyhurt abotu disbanding Israel.

(I’m gonna hate myself for asking but) Link Please?

I found it.

It was hidden in the middle of a few *nice * words and that threw me off.

Oh, this one was my absolute faaaaaaaavorite. I wonder which white European Christians he’s referring to? David? Jacob? Moses? Is it Moses? Oooh, it’s Moses, isn’t it?

Maybe I should ask in GQ: “When is a maid a fag?” ‘Cause Mermaid, it sure don’t make sense t’ this wolf.

And…when is “Don’t Tread On Me” a THEORY? What is the THEORY of Don’t Tread On Me?

I believe in the I Like Peanut Butter Sandwiches Theory!


I think its a marketing department version of Godels Uncertainty theory.


Go away for a day and it looks like I missed a sure-fire Hall of Fame thread!


Just went back to read that thread. Damn! How many times did it get locked up? Has any thread ever been locked up more than once before?

And no, “all your base are belong to us” doesn’t count…

That was seriously the funniest thing I have ever read. It gets even funnier if you imagine that guy talking in the comic book seller from the simpson’s voice. I could honestly read posts by that guy all day.

It may have been the Illuminati who dug the pit on Oak Island. And, since the constructors of the pit had extensive knowledge of plumbing, it could well be of Roman origin. It’s now owned by a Jewish delicatessen, as a front for the Trilateral commission.

It’s all because of the corn. DON’T EAT THE CORN. It’s full of mutated genetic material that is designed to make us passive and submissive and vote for Bill Clinton. Between that and the subliminal messages in network newscasts, the government is controlling our minds. They have the ark of the covenant and the Titanic in a warehouse in New Jersey along with the aliens from Roswell and a 12 meter plaster-of-paris replica of Sandra Bullock. THEY DON’T WANT US TO KNOW. They have JFK’s head in a jar and he’s still directing the CIA’s covert operations in the middle east.



I don’t want to comment on everything else he said, but I’m pretty sure that the Spanish were in the Southwest during the 1500s.

According to Spanish History

If the website is to be believed, then Spanish entry into the Southwest dates earlier than I had expected.

I am quite cerain that Arizona and New Mexico did not yet exist in the 1500’s.

I don’t think Mexico did either.