Fighting Ignorance vs Intellectual Masturbation vs Entertainment

I thought about putting a thread in Great Debates, but since I’m on vacation, and a “working vacation” at that (whatever that means) I’m feeling entirely too lazy to put the braincells into a GD OP.

So here I am…slumming with the rest of you :wink:

There are a couple of impetuses (I was really hoping the plural would be impeti, but alas…) for this thread:

Firstly, if I had a nickel for every thread that contained a post wagging a finger, condemning other posters as participating in a big intellectual circle-jerk…I could retire at 31. My internalized response is always, “Yeah? And?..”

Lastly, in trying to explain to my girlfriend why I enjoy these boards so much, it is impossible not to bring up the reason why I’m readily going blind…and it isn’t only because of squinting at my monitor late at night.

So…I’m interested in two rankings from each poster.

Rank A - From most often to least often, using the 3 categories in the thread title, rank the motivation behind your posts. Don’t limit yourself just threads that you start, but any posts that you make.

Rank B - Same rules, but this time rank the SDMB overall. What is your opinion on the global motivations of the all SDMB posters?

And finally, we’ll close this poll-like-thingy-ma-bob with a declaration of whether or not you feel guilty about your posting habits. Feel free to be as short or long-winded here as you deem appropriate.

I’ll go first…

Me: Entertainment, Intellectual Masturbation, Fighting Ignorance

SDMB: Intellectual Masturbation, Entertainment, Fighting Ignorance

I have occasional pangs of guilt-like feelings, but they have rapidly declined since my first days of posting. The entertainment I enjoy here can’t really be compared to any other medium, and is usually much more stimulating to my brain, and I don’t see anything wrong with that. I’m also confident that everyone is an intellectual masturbator. Anyone who says they are not one is liar, liar, pants on fire. A little bit of ignorance fighting goes a long way, so as long as there is at least some of it going on, I figure my (and our) presence here is sufficiently justified.

And please forgive all typos, misspellings, omitted/transposed words, and general lack of grammar or writing skills in the above post.

About the same as yours, for both. But it varies by forum. I would rank GQ higher on Fighting Ignorance than MPSIMS, but CS higher in Entertainment.

I’m here for the beer. Knowledge is lagniappe. :smiley:

Me: Can’t really separate the three
SDMB: Depends on the forum (GQ ignorance, CS/BBQ entertainment, GD masturbat0rz, IMHO/MPSIMS ignorance then entertainment)

For Me: Entertainment, Fighting Ignorance, and Intellectual Masturbation.

For the boards:
GQ: Fighting Ignorance, Intellectual Masturbation, Entertainment.

MPSIMS, IMHO & Cafe Society: Entertainment, Intellectual Masturbation, Fighting Ignorance.

Great Debates & The Pit: Intellectual Masturbation. (Entertainment and Fighting Ignorance happen only by accident.)