File Management/Legal Case/Outlook Attachment

I’m doing my first venture into organizing over 90,000 documents from a civil case into a manageable file system and have a few questions.

  1. Does anyone have any tips on the best way to organize the various pleadings, motions, emails, discovery items, etc.

2)Is there any commercial software available that does this?

3)Is there any commercial software that compares two files (with different names) and determines any duplicates? My files are filled with the same file under different names and directories.

  1. Outlook email files–is there any way to display the sender without individually opening each email file? Likewise, is there any way to extract all attachments without opening each email individually?

  2. Is there commercial software available that I can use to provide a menu-driven, user friendly system to access the files once I’m done?

Any tips would be greatly appreciated…Thanks in advance.

What you are looking for is a Document Management System. There are many such systems available - most are server based for sharing with a web interface. Costs vary from free (open source) to reasonable (open source based with support contract or system hosting) to very expensive. Feature sets are also pretty wide, but should include categories/hierarchies, revision control, document format support, email/application integration, full text search etc

Products such as KnowledgeTree, OpenKM, OpenText, Documentum may be worth looking at, but the actual costs could be scary. However, there may be off the shelf customised solutions for what you want.

Also, search on “duplicate file finder” to identify your repeated files, but a good DMS should do that.


This is pretty standard electronic discovery territory. There is a LOT of software and services in this arena. Disclaimer: I’ve worked as a developer on this kind of software for the past 6 years but sadly I’m not terribly well versed on what solutions are available for smaller end users…

The typical name thrown about is Law 5.0: I think it is relatively expensive, but it should do nearly everything you listed. However, this is kind of like attacking a fly with a nuclear weapon, since Law is really geared for large scale ongoing review.

Another product I’ve seen used is iBlaze:

I haven’t actually used either of those, though!

Thanks…related to #3. I have a TON of Outlook email messages in .msg format. Is there a way that I can extract the attachments from ALL of these? Can I sort them by author?

Failing that, is there a way to reimport them into the traditional Outlook folders?