File transfers in MSN Messenger

I’ve been unable for some time to transfer files with MSN Messenger… (under XP)… I just looked at the microsoft web site and it says the following

The Windows Messenger client uses a “gethostbyname” Winsock call to determine the IP address. The Windows Messenger client sends that IP address to the remote client, so that the remote client can connect to that address and retrieve the file.

This issue may occur if you are using a virtual private network (VPN) connection. The “gethostbyname” Winsock call may return the local area network (LAN) connection IP address instead of the VPN connection IP address. The remote client tries to connect to that LAN IP address. If the LAN IP address is not available from the remote client’s network, the remote client cannot connect.

To work around this issue, change the binding order of the connections by moving up the remote access connections so that they are above the LAN connections.

The question is, what the hell does that mean? (the workaround that is)

The workaround requires that your ip is visible outside of your LAN.

Access the Bindings menu from Start/Control Panel/Network/Bindings/Show Bindings for all services.

from this site:

scroll down to “Configuring Network Bindongs”

Now, i assuming a scenario in which you have 2 adapters one connecting you to your LAN and the other possibly connecting you directly to the 'net. Move up the binding for this adapter and let it be above the binding for the adapter connecting you to your LAN.

If you have only one adapter connecting you to the LAN it is possible that you don’t have an external ip address visible to computers outside of your network. It is also possible that you are behind a firewall or proxy that does not allow peer-to-peer connections of the nature required by msn.

try running ipconfig and see what ip addresses are reported for your machine.

also, do supply more info about your network setup.

Thanks Xash… I’m actually running XP, so I can’t find the binding setting… I do have two network cards… one for my cable modem, one for my lan (with internet connection sharing)…

I’ll look into this closer tomorrow… gotta go to work now…

Thanks again…

This doesn’t directly address your question, but a new security vulnerability has just been discovered in the MSN Chat control, a component of MSN Messenger 4.5 and later. You should check out Microsoft’s bulletin and apply the patch ASAP.