Fill in the Blank: My Other Car Is...

Wouldn’t that make it a Frankenhonda?

…a broom?

A motorhome.

an epic.

My other car is still in the form of paper clips and old folding chairs. In other words, it’s not even far enough along to be a chunk of metal at the steel mill.

a motorcycle.

…an Incom T-65 “X-Wing” Space Superiority Starfighter.

A taxi that I can’t really afford.

…a piece of shit too!

…a Pullman.

…yet to be designed.

a Harley.

…too important to be covered in tacky stickers

It’s so nice when your innuendo isn’t missed.

…a submarine

at Forensics

…waiting in the showroom until I win the lottery.

This answer would have worked a lot better if you had titled the thread “My other ride is…”.

…paid for too."


(imagine the gas savings. altho that pesky need to keep recharging at the Cardiff rift could get old…)

…a Radio Flyer wagon.