Fill in the Blank: My Other Car Is...

My mother.

a city bus.


A Rockhopper.

My other car is your mother, too.

Flying. Apparently in a future that will never come.

… my wife’s.

… a Mac. :slight_smile:

The Oscar Meyer Weeniemobile.

I wish!

a figment of my imagination. :frowning:

…on fire.

a transporter. (I wish. )

You know what a Freudian Slip is? It’s when you say one thing and mean your mother.
… upside down and smoking gently.

…a 2001 Honda minivan that’s had its engine replaced (2003) its entire back end replaced (2006ish) and everything but the engine and tranny replaced last summer when we hit a deer.


my wife’s, and needs a new driver’s side front door handle.

I hadn’t even thought of that connection. I was just thinking of that sitcom My Mother the Car and the whole Freud/mother thing never even occurred to me. Now I feel good. One of those nice username connection things.

For a few mins, I kept reading this as being connected to the Freudian Slip/mother comment and I was wondering just what kind of wacky scenario you had in mind! :smiley:

Good, I’m not the only one.

Me either!

To answer the OP, “a train.”