Fill in the blank: "When I hear the word _____, I reach for my revolver."

When I hear the word “yes” I reach for my revolver (the name I gave my penis).


I judge people who use it without irony.


Oh, and “precious”. Argh.


When uttered in the context of diet, health, lifestyle etc odds are overwhelming that you’re speaking to an imbecile. Who should be shot. Or maybe just pistol-whipped if it’s a family member.

A phrase “The Lord gave me a word for you…”

Occasionally, it’s a good thing but not often.
In news reports… “Carcinogens”.


“Deserve.” I get so shooty when I hear people talking about all that they deserve. Especially in my job.


Or maybe that’s my puke bucket I reach for.

Damn, beaten to it. But in a similar vein, ‘quantum’ and ‘vibrations’.

Feminazi, especially when used by someone that hasn’t gotten laid in 10 years or has a double digit IQ.

Paradigm. And it’s a semi-automatic.


It’s not clever! It also makes my brain scream “Kill it! Kill it with fire!”


Then, I reach for my revolver. But, of course, I put it away in favor of the ‘automobile accident’ or the ‘suicide’ by hanging in the garage. Far fewer questions to answer.


It means sinful and a mark of a collapsing society, not something good!

Also, “green”. I can’t stand that term. Green this, green that, green lightbulbs, green dog food, green policies, AHHHHH! And I don’t like the color, either. :stuck_out_tongue:

Vox Imperatoris

What most people don’t realize is that he was referring to *Robert *Browning. Johst used to carry a copy of “Fra Lippo Lippi” around with him in a sealed watertight container, and would pull it out whenever it seemed appropriate.

And when I hear petty nitpicking, I release the safety on my laptop.

“Petty” you say?

I have a Browning in my hand and I’m looking at you.

Young People.
Used by soppy adults to somehow imply that children are actually virtually as emotionally mature as grown ups but that they just have a little more physical growing to do.
And I AM including underage teenagers as children,if you’re not an adult then you’re a child,not a half or three quaters adult.

Carbon Footprint.
This seems to be used by many people at any opportunity in conversation,not because its relevant but because they think that it makes them look aware and cool and caring.

When used in any context outside of making/repairing things in a designated place.
Usually by pretentious pseudo Arty Fartys as in Drama Workshop etc.
And yes I DO enjoy fine art.

As in he was pressurising me to do such and such.
What really?He was filling you full of gas to over atmospheric pressur to get you to do something?
Or do you really mean that he was pressuring you but you personally are a pork pie short of a picnic when it comes to your understanding of the English language?

And now you can all get off of my lawn.

I think it means, ‘‘believes in a higher power but not a fan of organized religion.’’ Much more efficient to just say, ‘‘spiritual.’’ Though I consider myself spiritual, and I’m not even sure I believe in god. So it’s at least fair to declare it a very vague term.

Actually, a statement rather than a single word.

"Keep up the good work! This place is already ideal; I wouldn’t change a thing."When uttered by a new boss, it’s complete crap.