Fill in the blank: "When I hear the word _____, I reach for my revolver."

And no, I don’t mean “complete the Göring quotation.” (With “culture,” for those of you unfamiliar.)

For me: “spiritual.” Over time, that word has come to give me the creepy-crawlies because it never promises anything good.

For you? “When I reach for the word ________, I reach for my revolver.”


*Revolver *is my favorite album.


It just sounds so wet and makes me feel oogy…especially the way my grandma used to say it with flecks of spittle dotting her lips. Gag.

“Draw!” :slight_smile:

Or “Common-sense” (if it’s hyphenated it counts as one word, right?). “Common sense” solutions are usually so off the wall that a pistol whipping seems to be deserved.

“Spiritual” does it for me, too. IMHO, “spirituality” is a euphemism favored by weasels who lack the courage to discuss religion.

“Compassionate”. Whenever I hear a politician trying to appeal to my compassion, he/she is usually thinking about a short-term quick fix for a problem, and wilfully ignoring the long-term consequences.

And the people in personal ads who are “spiritual but not religious” what does that even mean? They should run for public office with a line like that.

I personally dislike “silly,” there are a select few cases where it doesn’t grate, but for some reason it always comes off badly to me “that’s so silly” sounds terrible unless there’s a toddler in the room. I have no idea why I have this hangup and it often leads to me dancing around my feelings towards a subject until I’m forced to say it because I have no good synonyms (“stupid,” “absurd,” and “foolish”, common alternatives, are usually too harsh for example).

“When I hear the word ‘revolve,’ I reach for my revolver.”




Because it’s so often misused to mean a certain viewpoint. As if anyone who doesn’t share that viewpoint lacks “values.”

Göring might have quoted it, but it was really a line out of a play by Hanns Johst, Nazi poet laureate. (He actually wrote, “…I reach for the safety on my revolver.”)


“God”, for the obvious atheistic reasons.

And “family” and “children”. Since they are terms usually used to ram some sort of restriction or banning or censorship down people’s throats.

And “values” for the reasons Miss Violaceous mentioned. “Family Values” making me want to reach for TWO revolvers naturally . . .

I tolerate just about any word used correctly, however, I reach for my revolver when I hear (or more often, read):

“sale” used as a verb

“higher” as synonym for “raise”

Pedagogy or paradigm when used by engineers. Either one and I’m ready to use the revolver on myself, just to get me out of the room.

" community"


" inclusiveness"

" sustainable"

and all that condescending politically correct clap-trap that the smug lefty crowd uses on the radio when they want to prevent me from owning a house and driving a car.

oh, and “nukular”, and that famous device for extracting a leg bone, the “defibulator”.

and make my revolver a 1911 while you’re at it.

-trupa, who’s grumpy now…


What the fuck is wrong with the, I dunno, dozens of single-syllable words that mean the exact same thing? Like “good” or “fine” or “great” for instance.

Sorry, I just get stabby when I hear that word.

Just about anything I could find on my buzzword bingo card.

And now, ‘Maverick’

As a spiritual maverick, I think a community that doesn’t appreciate cats won’t sale me on its inclusiveness as a paradigm of sustainable family values for my children. It’s just common-sense that a compassionate God would want to higher his people up as stakeholders in a copacetic solution. Anyhoo, while you were busy be-bopping to the Beatles and looking at luscious magazine photos I just loaded my gun. Draw!

Actually that’s a distortion of the quote according to Wikiquote - List of Misquotations.

The actual quote is “Wenn ich Kultur höre … entsichere ich meinen Browning”. Which translates as: “Whenever I hear [the word] ‘culture’… I remove the safety from my Browning!”

Both the poet and the make of gun appear to have gone so out of style that hardly anyone knows about either of them so, unfortunately, the non witty misquotation has become better known.


Energy, unless used by an engineer or scientist. I do not have life energy, my allergies are not draining my immune system’s energy and I sure as HELL am not going to get anything from your healing energy.