Film/TV Show Where Restauranteur Picks Customers' Dishes

There’s a movie or TV show (a police procedural, I think) where a guy running a restaurant has an uncanny ability to pick what dish his customers will like the best on a given day. One guy, new to the place, doubts this and makes his own choice. He has heartburn for two days until he takes the restauranteur’s advice and is immediately cured. What show is this - I don’t think it’s an obscurity, but I am drawing a total blank. Thanks so much in advance.

This is vaguely reminding me of Rizzoli and Isles, where Rizzoli’s mother runs the cafe in the police station. I think I remember her advising someone on what to order to prevent heartburn. Sound at all familiar?

Not in this case. It’s definitely a man doing the picking, and all the customers are men also. It’s something like Heat in its character demeanor and dress, and the guy at the restaurant is picking for everybody, not just one guy afflicted with heartburn. It’s kind of like Chocolat in that everyone has their own dish that fulfills their own needs, and the restauranteur has a practiced special insight to know what that dish is.

It was an early episode of Bones. The beardy entomologist guy (edit: Dr Hodgins) ordered something at a Chinese restaurant, rather than letting the owner decide what to serve him. Then he had a disturbed stomach until he went back and followed the owner’s suggestion.

Huh. I don’t remember it that way, but you’re almost certainly right–that’s absolutely something I would have watched. Thanks, mate. Ignorance fought.

Wasn’t that in Eureka?

Yeah, it was Bones.

Yes, Bones. Google reminds me that it was called Wong Fu’s, and its proprietor was the distinctly non-Chinese “Heavy D”, a rap star … oh, who has since died. Huh, I didn’t know that.

I just realized that I formed a plural with an apostrophe in the thread title. The horror…the horror. Could some nice moderator remove this scourge from me, my children, and my children’s children?

That part is OK – he picks the dishes for more than one customer.

It’s the misspelling of “restaurateur” that cannot be forgiven.

Yeah, Bones. A very early episode. The science is often ridiculous, but I will admit that I like the show.

Hijack- If you ever get the chance, see the movie “The Big Night”. Near the beginning, a customer wants to swap out risotto for pasta, and the chef feels compelled to come out and explain that this is entirely wrong for this dish.

Goddamn it.

Don’t sweat it, Stu’s’Blue’s.