Films about grownup characters from childrens' books

We spent a rainy Labor Day seeing Christopher Robin, a surprisingly well-done film in which Ewan MacGregor as Responsible Adult C.R. Milne encounters his childhood friends from the Hundred Acres Woods and learns how to be a child again. But there was no escaping the comparison to Hook, where Responsible Adult Peter goes back to Neverland, or to the trailer for the upcoming Mary Poppins Returns, this time to straighten up the children of Responsible Adult Michael Banks.

Did I miss any other members of the genre? Are any others coming up? Will Disney treat us to Responsible Adult Jim Hawkins returning to Treasure Island next, for instance? Could the pandering to the middle-aged-parent demographic be any more blatant? And do the mothers ever need saving, or just the workaholic dads?

Years ago there was a movie about Alice (in wonderland) Liddell’s visit to New York to celebrate the books anniversary. The movie was fairly good. But not surprisingly coy about “what really happened”. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen it but I recall it taking place in the real world. So no scenes of adult Alice trying to deal with the characters from the book.

Never mind.

Hook starring Robin Williams as a grown up Peter Pan

I can’t think of other solid examples (this is the closest trope I could find) but Drop *Dead Fred *can sorta be forced into the slot (not a grown-up character from a children’s book, but a grown-up reencountering her childhood imaginary friend and destroying Carrie Fisher’s home for the second time in a movie.)

ETA: also, Hook.

The movie was Dreamchild and it was released 33 years ago in 1985. She was visiting New York to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Lewis Carroll’s birth.

“Olive, the Other Reindeer” is a cute children’s story about a dog named Olive who thinks she’s another reindeer for Santa’s sleigh.

The Comedy Central program, which is 30 minutes long, is definitely NOT for children.

Not quite the same thing, but Labyrinth is about a young lady right at that transition point between “childish magic” and “boring grown-up who needs to learn to remember childhood”.

And I’m surprised that nobody mentioned Hook, especially not in the OP or posts 4 or 5.

We have 2 movies from Tim Burton about Alice as an adult (starting out as a confused 19 year old, and ending as a responsible and independent woman). She goes back to Underland and tries to fix things (little did she know that

the whole thing was the White Queen’s fault for being unable ever to admit that she was a greedy pig as a child.Do those count?

Also not quite on topic, but I’ll mention it anyway: the play Peter and Alice, about Alice Liddell and Peter Llewelyn Davies meeting. (


Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters fits the bill.

Philip Jose Farmer’s To Your Scattered Bodies Go has a grownup Alice Pleasance Liddell as a major character.

You should lobby film makers to do “School for Good and Evil”.

Um, the OP did.

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It isn’t a movie but the comic book Unwritten uses this premise for a Harry Potter type character (it is actually more compicated than that but I think it fits what the OP is looking for).