Films of major directors ranked from worst to best

Damn, I’ve got work to do this afternoon, and I just found this webpage…

The one for Ridley Scott seems amazingly random. I have to assume that this is one guy’s opinion, not a compilation of views.

The Kubrick listseems pretty good to me (I must confess to never having seen *Fear and Desire, Killer’s Kiss and The Killing ) Personally I’d bump Barry Lyndon *up to number 1 but Ryan O’Neal’s accent alone is probably enough to push it back to 3rd place overall.

Anybody who puts Miller’s Crossing at #10 (out of 14) of the Coen Brothers’ best movies is talking straight out his ass.

It’s easy to put the real stinkers at the bottom of the list, and sometimes the very best in the #1 spot, but the stuff in the middle of those lists seems like someone’s personal preference. And I’m not thrilled with some of the #1 spots either. The Hitchcock list seemed entirely random to me after his early films at the bottom of the list.

I’d put that at #1 for them. Not a knock against their other movies, but that one is exquisite.

I’d put it #1, too. Should at least be top 3.

they lost me at the Lynch one. Anyone pretending Dune is better than Wild at Heart is just being perverse :slight_smile:

I also don’t like seeing September and Interiors toward the bottom of the Woody Allen list - both great movies (and Match Point is just not that good, certainly doesn’t belong anywhere near the top five!).

M. Night (once they get around to him) might be the only director whose list would be ranked in reverse chronological order…

The format alone pissed me off. I have to scroll through five pages to see the Hitchcock rankings?

Not worth it.

Blame him for making 51 films.

Linklater: Waking Life is one of the most pretentious things I’ve ever seen.

Scott: I haven’t seen half of these. The Duellists felt unfulfilling to me. I think I remember American Gangster was good, but I only remember literally 3 plot points. With Black Hawk Down I learned that white people can look remarkably alike and even more so when dressed the same. Even though I’ve never seen it, I love the synopsis of the last one.

The rankings of Dylan’s albums is extremely conventional. Shot of Love, Nashville Skyline and Modern Times are too low. I love that they put Another Side in the top 10. I would have put it top 5, but Freewheelin is hard to bump. I guess thats just my taste.

The Lynch list is interesting and not very common. Mine might go:

  1. Blue Velvet
    Mulholland Drive
    Lost Highway
    Wild At Heart
    Fire Walk
    Inland Empire
    Straight Story
    Which is probably a more mainstream list. The top 3 are interchangeable.
    As far as Wes goes. Putting Bottle Rocket and Mr. Fox ahead of the rest is definitely contrarian. Those are the least “Wes Andersonian” of his films. I love all his ticks, trips and details so I am much more into Royal Tenenbaums, Life Aquatic and Darjeeling (Not to say I don’t love Mr. Fox and Bottle Rockets.)
  2. RT
    Life Aquatic
    Moonrise Kingdom
    Mr. Fox
    Bottle Rocket
    Maybe Moonrise might rise on the list. Give it time.
  3. The Game
    Fight Club
    Dragon Tatto
    Ben Buttons
    Social Network
    Panic Room
    Scorsese’s List is all messed up. Big time.
    Raging Bull, Goodfellas, and Last Temptation are all better than Taxi Driver (which is not a knock against it really.) I would add Age of Innocence to that list to make a top 5. It is way too low here. Maybe Casino, Hugo, Mean Streets, Aviator and King of Comedy to make the top ten. Gang of NY, Color of Money, Kundun, Bringing OTD and Shutter Island to make the top 15. The rest are everything else. The Departed and After Hours are way overrated on this list. Great movies, but arent in the same league as the previous mentioned.

I’d have put Before Sunset at number one, or, really, combined it with Before Sunrise as one entry for the top spot.

Excuse me, but may I have some of what you’ve imbibed?

For fuck’s sake, whatever idiot compiled that list needs a helmet. He/she listed Empire, Nashville, and Slow Train behind Saved! And that’s conventional to you?

I guess that makes two of you who haven’t listened to the music you’re critiquing,

Jesus Christ on a crutch.

I was drinking Avery White Rascal. Good stuff.
Azraiel, aren’t you being a tad emotional here? Sure Saved might be a little higher than the usual cannon but most of the others fall into place. Nashville Skyline has usually been placed very low, very underrated. The Basement Tapes and John Wesley Harding have been overrated in the cannon. You can insult all you want, but those top 8 (the last page) is agreeable to most Dylan fans.
Relax buddy.

'twas but hyperbole.

I don’t disagree with the top eight, though I would order them differently. I don’t have much of a problem with the next eight, either (save the exclusion of Nashville)

Everything from Freewheelin’ to Nashville plus Blood is first tier (and yes, I include JWH in that). Second tier is every studio album from the 70s (excluding Self Portrait), Infidels, Empire, Mercy, and every studio album from TOOM on (excluding, obviously, Christmas). The rest is third tier.

Arrange broadly within the tiers, and I may disagree but cannot argue. But to put a bottom of the third-tier album like Saved above one first-tier and four second-tier albums?

Foolishness, sez I!


I can’t say I agree with a lot of these lists.

On the Spielberg list, he claims The Lost World is a better film than The Last Crusade or The Temple of Doom. Really? I know some people don’t like Temple of Doom for some legitimate complaints, but The Lost World is a terrible movie.

On the Kubrick list, he ranks Eyes Wide Shut higher than A Clockwork Orange or Spartacus. Although from reading the whole article, he doesn’t seem like he’s a big Kubrick fan in general.

EDIT: Just realized that these lists are not all written by the same author. Replace “he” with “the website’s author” in your mind if you think it’s necessary.

I got as far as the first page of Oliver Stone movies where he ranked Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps 5th worst, and then criticizes it as though it were an entirely fictional movie :smack: