Filtering Amazon Results

I was lucky enough to receive a rather generous gift card for my birthday.

I’d like to spend this on books, but living in New Zealand means when I got to the check out the cost was something like Books: $10, Postage: $60.

And that was combined post from one source.

How do I get the results filtered so I look at NZ sellers first, Aussie sellers next etc?


I was going to suggest the Book Depositoryinstead (free shipping worldwide, and I’ve never had a bad experience over 20+ purchases so far) but then I noticed you wrote you’ve got a gift certificate.

So I guess I’m no help at all. Although on second thoughts I think Amazon own the Book Depository so maybe you can use an Amazon certificate there?

Thanks (and “Hi!”)

It doesn’t recognise my brand spanking new login, so I guess not. I’ve always got what I wanted easily with TradeMe or MightyApe, so this is my first experience with the big fella.

Nice try though.

I get the feeling I’ll end up downloading music instead of shipping books.

If you can, let me know how. When I try it tells me I have to have a US IP and credit card to download music. :frowning: (I’m in AU.)

I’ll give it a go sometime over the weekend and report back. I have the flu so everything’s taking a while and I keep wnting to fling the laptop across the room when things go wrong.

The Kid has just reminded me of the email/password combo I use for ‘sites that send me advertising emails’ and it turns out I can use Amazon UK just fine - it just won’t show my gift certificate amount. Whether I can work through that is debatable.

I’m blaming the flu for that, too.

And … you’re right. Downloads are currently only available to US.