Finacing a pirate ship is no problem, but what about the crew?

If this was a foreign flagged vessel using an all American crew could we use ACA to cover any medical mishaps to the pirate crew or would we be subject to maritime rules and regulations?

I should think that as they’re pirates, the standard course of action is to kidnap a doctor and a nurse. I am sure Qadgop and WhyNot together would do an excellent job at amputations and then joining with the carpenter to fit a wooden leg or a nice, shiny hook.

That should save a bit of money.

You could sell a crew member position as adventure tourism. Your “sailors” then become profit centers. Promise them that they will get to use machine guns and cannon and you will have a waiting list of potential candidates!

Pirate ships typically kidnapped much of their crew, especially powder monkeys and musicians. All new volunteers started out as powder monkeys, a dangerous and dirty job. Those who lived more than a few years worked their way up to able seaman or other more important positions.

Some pirate ships also had cabin boys. These were typically the scions of wealthy or noble families who apprenticed their sons to ships’ captains. They didn’t get paid, either, but were expected to work long hours and spend even longer hours studying.

Wealthy/noble families apprenticed their sons to pirate ships?

And pirates made their cabin boys study? Damn, run off and join the pirates to get out of school and still get stuck studying.

The difference between “pirate ship” and “naval vessel” could be quite narrow in those days. It all depended on whose ships you were sinking.

Well, see, they meant to apprentice him to a pilot, but the nurse was a bit hard of hearing.

Right before hanging them, presumably.

That joke was totally unavailable.

Americans outside of America are not within the purview of ObamACAre.

Are you referring to ObARRRRRHmacare?

Also, its an effing pirate ship. It is not subject to anyone’s rules or regulations!

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And whether or not you had a letter from the Queen, or Parliament…

The Mark Knopfler song “Privateer” (on being a privateer) has the wonderful line
“not quite exactly in the service of the crown”

Always makes me smile …

Pour O pour the pirate sherry… and then pass me some, would you?

I think he meant that noble families apprenticed their sons to regular merchant ships or warships, where they were made to study, and that pirates kidnapped cabin boys from captured ships.