Final Episode VII Plot Predictions (no actual spoilers)

The reviews will hit the internet Wednesday, but the movie screens for some on Monday. Spoilers are coming for sure, even with embargoes in place.

As we sit a week away from the movie, I find that despite speculation and rumors, Disney has done a great job keeping the details of the plot secret. I guess leaks have happened, but everything is vague at best. Let’s not make negative or cynical predictions here, please.

Here are my predictions. I’ll see it Sunday of next week, so I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

  1. Han Solo dies - I dunno. I just kind of think it’s gonna happen.

  2. Kylo Ren - Kylo= SkySolo Silly, but maybe. Han and Leia’s son.

  3. Kylo Ren and Rey are either brother-sister or cousins. She’s either Han and Leia’s daughter or Luke’s.

  4. Mark Hamill appears for less than 2-3 minutes at the very end. Even possible he just walks up, removes his hood, and has one line. He’s not really in this move, basically. (note: I suspect a possible flashback of new footage of Luke…but maybe not).

  5. Rey is the new Jedi, not Finn. She is a Skywalker and she will come to realize she has Force powers. The hid her on a planet kind of like Luke in Star Wars. Finn? He’s just a guy. No Force powers.

Wow, this sunk like a rock. Guess I’m the only one interested in predicting.

Anyway, I guess this is a mild bump and a reminder that it premieres tonight and reviews are going up Tuesday or Wednesday, making total clueless/in-the-dark guessing not possible for much longer.

Note: I will likely change this to open spoilers in a couple weeks, but it will remain closed to all spoilers for a little while.

I’m still of the opinion that Luke is on neither side and is doing his own thing. Seems to me Vader was doing something that Luke found out about and is trying to finish it up before the Empire does. I was originally under the impression that the masked guy in the trailer was Luke, but I’m not as sure now.

I don’t follow the EU or anything like that, I’ve seen the movies and that’s about it really. I am going to see it on Friday afternoon though.

Mahaloth, I pretty much agree with everything you are predicting.

Episode VII of what? Is there some big movie coming out this week? :smiley:

Seriously, though, that Ky - Lo being Sky - Solo thing will be hilarious if I’m right. I will be one of the few laughing in the theater if that reveal happens.