Final Fantasy games...

What do they require as far as skills? Is there much reading involved? I ask because my son (age 6 but a computer wiz) wants an adventure game and the little kids adventure games suck.

Other than reading the basic directions there isn’t much skill involved (mind you I have only played 3, 5, 6, and 7). The plot and storylines could be above his head, and they can get complicated with the Magic systems.

Bottom line: If it was my son I wouldn’t let him play them until he was a bit older (perhaps 10).

And they keep getting more complicated too. I’d say he’s too young. Especially since FF tries at times to tug at the heart strings by having depressing side stories, death and the like.

I’d bet he’d be able to handle the first one, but the graphics are 80s and you probably couldn’t find it anyway.

Maybe you might want to check out some cheap knock-offs. They are often a lot simpler while still looking like a modern game.

I assume you’re looking for something for a pc and not a Game Cube or the like. I might recommend something like King’s Quest but my knowledge with games like that is circa 1995 and 6 years out of date.

You could also find some good ones on emulators but they’d probably be illegal.

Have you tried Bionicle?

It’s kinda like MYST for the younger set.

None of the Final Fantasy games are really appropriate for someone under 10. There’s a lot of reading, although that may not be the problem. Some of the plotlines in the newer ones are best reserved for mature audiences. But most of all, the games are extremely slow to play–you have to spend a lot of time in each area building up your characters, and the only way to do that is to fight monsters, which can be repetitive.

Hmmm… ok see here is the way it is in our house:

my husband and I play EverQuest, and Dominic watches. He knows all the monsters, all the zones, everything… he can look at the screen and tell you where you are (“that’s East Commons!”) and he especially likes the fighting and the spells.

However EverQuest is obviously too advanced for a 6 year old.

So I need to find a fantasy rpg that uses swords, spells, etc and has monsters in a 3-d walkaround environment… that doesn’t require reading to play.


The Legend of Zelda games for the 64 are excellent for all ages. If you only have a PS then I think “Alundra” was very Zelda-like, but I don’t recall if the plotline was too thick or not.

I’m just kinda laughing at the idea of a small child being worse at a video game than anyone older. Every child i’ve ever seen on a video game has just owned it. And as far as the magic systems being too complicated… have you ever looked into Pokemon? Six might seem young, but I really don’t think it is. The main problem I can see with the Finalk Fantasy games is they can get really really tedious with the storyline… like sitting there watching things happen on the screen for 15+ minutes before you can do anything fun, but you HAVE to watch it because if you don’t keep tapping a button the dialog doesn’t move forward. I have a lot of paitience and FF can even turn me off. You might want to look into something like Abe’s oddessy (adventure? I forget the names…) Anyways, it’s more “cute” the action is consistant, only sparsly broken up by Full Motion Videos as a kind of “reward” for beating a level… It’s just more geared towards kids I think.

The issue is that he doesn’t know how to read. If a game requires reading dialog to know what is going on, he ain’t gonna get it…
Anyway I’m looking for a computer game, not a console game.

There is a ton of reading, Opal. Any Squaresoft(the company that makes FF) RPG requires a lot of reading, since most of the talking is written out(all of it actually). There is a lot of dialouge and character development. FFX has voice-talking, but is for the PS2.

The games have some pretty intense adult stuff, like a hard PG-13 movie. FFIX is probably the most kids-friendly of the newer ones, but FFX is very intense(the most intense, actually).

I assume you have a Playstation One. If you do, then the child would probably enjoy FFIX out of all of them, but it is pretty intense in spots anyway. I don’t know if your child would really enjoy these games, even though they look cool. They are really more for the late high school and up crowd.

The SNES ones are pretty intense as well. The original three for the NES are child-friendly, with still a lot of reading.

I think you misunderstood me…

anyways… check out and go to the PC games section


We have a PlayStation and a PS2, but I’m looking for a computer game, not a console game.

Yes, I understand that you are looking for PC games. Gamespot covers all games that are video-based. So it has both Console (like your PS2) and PC games. They do reviews, give you hints, tell you which games are good for what age group, they’ll even do hardware reviews.

Final Fantasy series are a bit much for a 6 year-old. Plus, there’s some inapropriate language in FF7, for some reason I’ve yet to figure out.

But there are other RPGs that rock just as good…however, in general, most RPGs will have a TON of text reading.

You have an exception coming up this month. Final Fantasy X, which will have voice acting, thus it’s more like watching a movie than playing a game. However, you will still be faced with a a storyline for older audiences, and a battle and magic system, to boot.

My suggestion (you knew that was coming):

Okage: Shadow King. (PlayStation 2; just released)

This is clearly RPG-lite. In fact, the battle system (if you so desire) consists of a single button. Push it = attack. Repeat until finished. End of story.

The graphics are very whimsical. Heavily inspired by “A Nightmare Before Christmas” (In fact, if I were Tim Burton, I would consider legal action). On top of all that, it’s a COMEDY/PARODY of RPGs. So it’s nothing but a load of fun…featuring kids (just a bit older than him) as the heroes. Nothing bad or evil…no death scenes…just total fun. And all kid-friendly.

However, you will still be faced with scrolling through tons of text material. But Okage, is by far the easiest RPG on the market. It’s for PlayStation2.

Another fun (and funny) romp into the RPG-esque territory is, “Threads of Fate” (PlayStation-1). This is a Zelda-esque game and also features a very simple battle/magic system. Again, the hero is a kid (not an adult) and it has a unique twist, being that you play the game through two POVs. Once you finish the game, you can then play from the other perspective. Your choices are a boy, seeking his destiny, OR, a girl seeking world domination. Trust me, both are played for laughs - especially the girl obsessed with conquering the world because her sister makes her eats pumpkins.

Another RPG worth checking out is “Dark Cloud”, which is also much like Zelda, but again, a lot of reading material. But a fun experience. Though the weapon system might be a bit too much.

For sheer run around like a rabbit fun, and a bit like an RPG, but more of an adventure title, get Klonoa 1, and 2. You can’t go wrong with this. And all you need to master are TWO buttons for EVERYTHING in the game. But it has the saddest ending (Klonoa 1) that I’ve ever seen in a video game. I will admit, I cried.

For a game that has ZERO text to worry about, and simple game mechanics, you CAN NOT go wrong with “ICO”. This game is so simple it’s amazing that it was even developed, yet so complex and stunningly beautiful that it’s a lock for many “game of the year” lists. A MUST have game.

There are a few others…but I fear I’ve rattled on a bit too long already.

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Oops…I leave the computer to get coffee…and I forgot I was online.

Now I see my last post is null and void, since we’re really talking about desktop computer games.

My Bad.

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I was responding to Mahaloth in that one. I did go to gamespot and I bookmarked it. I do prefer to get personal recommendations from people I know, when possible though.


I really can’t offer much in the way of PC game recommendations… I haven’t played many since the early 90’s. I mainly play consoles when i have the time now.

Well, I have also played a fair amount of PeeCee games.

Sadly I don’t think there are that many PC games that challenge on the level you’re asking about.

Mostly, for PC, when it’s ages 10 and under, it’s basically educational software. And often that requires reading.

However, I have played “The Adventures of Pajama Sam” which is quite fun. Hey, I like childrens games and books. Some of the best works are for younger audiences.

As for my memory (which doesn’t serve me well, despite Bob Dylan), I don’t know of any “sword and sorcercy” RPg style games aimed/marketed at the six year-old age bracket.

Perhaps something will come about now that Harry Potter has created such a stir. But even then, I fear it’ll be for gamers, at least, 10 and above.

Of course, if you can’t find it on DESK-TOP, then go for the old stand-by…TABLE-TOP…Dungeons and Dragons. However, this will require the participation of more than one player (namely you, and another person). But all you need is a pencil, paper, a campain (goal), dice…and your imagination.

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Baldur’s Gate? (May require too much reading)

Pool of Radiance? (ditto)

Most FF games take around 40 hours to complete. But you can also read the walkthroughs when you get stuck as they are already written for PC or ps2, psx, etc at

FFX ($49) is coming out for ps2 around dec 27th. It’s going to be the best yet, I hope. But its not a pc game.