Final NEWHART episode on Sunday

Wake up! I just had the craziest dream!

WGN America will show the final episode of Newhart Sunday at 8:30 (Eastern time).

Set your TiVo.

Just lay off the Japanese food before bedtime.

I was actually surprised how well they were able to keep that ending quiet. I would’ve thought it would’ve been leaked. Probably in today’s age, it would’ve been leaked.

I recall the day when it aired, the Chicasgo Tribune (in the morning) had a TV critic, that saw it and said “Be sure to tune in and wait for the red herring.” And I spent the whole episode trying to figure it out.

I knew it couldn’t be what it seemed to be but I didn’t know where they were going with it.

Very good ending

This was the one time where… hmmm… does it need a spoiler? Oh heck, just in case

it was all a dreamactually didn’t suck.

I reported your OP, kunilou. You misspelled “greatest single episode of any tv show in the history of the man-the-kind” in the thread title.

Bumping this to remind everyone.

Actually it was leaked in one of the tabloids, though one of the lesser ones (not STAR or ENQUIRER), but it apparently never got huge readership plus Newhart’s producers responded by sending out some red herrings: George Burns was going to have a cameo as God, or Joanna was going to run off with Larry and Darryl and Darryl, etc., so even though I’d read the tabloid article I was surprised.

While the ending was a classic I liked the rest of the episode as well, especially the Anatevka sequence.

thanks for starting the thread and bumping. Just set my DVR.

Thanks! Caught it just in time! Hooray!

kinilou started it, I just bumped it.


It was the first time I had seen it in several years, and I’d forgotten how absurd the entire episode was, not just the ending.

The Japanese employees named Sunatra and Sedaka.

Gedde Watanabe, Kathy Kinney and Lisa Kudrow with small parts. Every minute of the show was worth watching. And of course, the payoff.

“You should wear more sweaters.”

Great line to end a show on.

Kathy Kinney, I caught, but Lisa Kudrow? The hell, you say! When? :slight_smile:

Lisa Kudrow was Sada, wife of one of the Darryls. She’s in the middle (from 3:15).

Holy Crap! Thanks!