Finally, a music video that doesn't suck - Rest Will Follow

Holy shit…a good music video! A video that’s not just of people dancing and/or flashy cars and accessories! A video that returns to the old 90’s glory days of surrealistic imagery and cryptic plots!

The video I’m speaking of is “Rest Will Follow” by And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead. I don’t know anything about this band and this video is the only video (or song) I have ever seen or heard by them, but I love it! It contains everything cool that you could ever have in a video - giant flying machines, nuclear bombs, Bravehearts, children playing with swords, negro knights, socialist workers’ revolutions - all thatched together in the most bizarre cryptic post-apocalypse story ever. It’s so awesome! You MUST watch this video!

You can do so for free here!

I can’t tell you how happy I was when I first saw this video. After growing up with the weird, quirky MTV videos of the early 90s and then seeing music videos degenerate into obnoxious displays of people dancing around mindlessly, I love the fact that indie bands are bringing back the traditions of the old-style video.

Obviously, you’ve never heard of Liars!

(And if you haven’t, obviously check them out etc - you know the drill.)