Finally-Might And Magic X

This is the Might and Magic X I’ve been waiting for all these many years. Old school adventuring and dungeon crawling taken to the max.

Early release on Steam, right?

So many damn games!

I played the first Might And Magic back in 1986 on the C-64, and it’s been 11 years since MM9.

I never had a good reason why I didn’t play these way back when. I played The Bard’s Tale; I played the D&D Gold Box games; I played the Eye of the Beholder Games (D&D’s rip off of this). Just never picked up the M&M games. Guess it really never is too late to start something :slight_smile:

Never been a huge fan of this series, but I’ll definitely pay attention to the post-release reviews.

I’m with you; I played a couple of early games in this series, and they didn’t really seem to have anything going for them ahead of the competition.

What makes Might and Magic good?

Massive areas to explore, puzzles to solve, dungeons to crawl through, beautiful artwork, interesting storylines.

I played it on DOS around '87, but never finished it. We had a hard time saving the game on it and it failed a bunch. Still, I’ve remembered it and looked at the others ever since.

Was this made independently and is now being released by Ubisoft? Or is it a true commercial game?

I thought they permanently abandoned the main series after IX.

And, wow. I did not see that trailer before posting the above post. It does look old school and great.

Did anyone play Wizardry Labyrinth of Lost Souls? It’s a close to a Wizardry 9 as we’ve gotten.

The only M&M game I played was VI.

It had some good points, but overall it was one of the most overrated games ever. The combat system was just horrible.

I really don’t remember that last one AT ALL from my experience with the franchise. In fact, I found it to be depressingly story-lite even for the era. It WAS definitely big though, so I guess the sprawling nature of it probably appeals in a sort of oldschool sandbox sort of way. That generally hasn’t been my style, but thanks for the info.

The idea that an entire fantasy world is really a starship that’s been hijacked by an evil android who’s intent on crashing it into the sun always struck me as a reasonably good story. YMMV.

Doing a dungeon crawl through a spaceship was fun.

Some people really loved them. I admit, it turned me off the games instead, so never tried. They were hits before I was really playing many games more complicated than Super Mario. Think I’d like the gameplay, and love genre-mixing, but don’t like playing a game for a long time and then suddenly switching modes. Will keep an eye on this one.

My only problem with the game was having to track down the skill masters. You hear that a particular skill master is in a given town but then have to talk to everyone in the town until you stumble across the correct NPC. Further the NPCs all look about the same keep moving around so even if you met this person previously you still have to search for him/her. It’s like playing the kids game memory with the tiles moving around.

That said, I did actually like their skill system.

I played and loved the second one.

I haven’t really gotten into any of the ones since then though…

Not so thrilled with a quirk of the ranged combat in this system. I can only fire at targets in the direct tile row or column I’m in. Open field combat is not so open.

Edit: As far as I can tell, the mooks have this restriction too, so I guess it’s balanced. :smiley:

Remember falling deeply in love with MM VI. Such an amazingly huge world to explore for the time.

After BG (the BG2, PST, IWD, IWD2, NWN, etc, etc) though, I never went back to the series.

Anyone played Act One yet?

Does it automap the dungeons for you?

Sounds like Legend of Grimrock?