Finally Out of Credit Card Debt! ...BUT

Well folks, for the first time since I was 18 or 19, I’m finally out of all substantial credit card debt, once my online payments I just made go through! Hurrah!!!

And this is a pretty good achievement considering I was nearly $10K in debt just over a year ago.

Now here’s the BUT…

Sadly, as i was paying off my last card, the browser hung up after I clicked “make transfer.” I eventually cancelled out of it, only to find that it is now processing the transfer TWICE. This was a large transfer, too, so it brought my checking account balance almost to 0 <_<. I tried chatting with someone online and he said just to wait, that the 2nd one might not end up posting at all. Their call centers are all closed for the night too. Anyhow, I’m not too worried about it, I moved money from one of my other accounts to cover my ass in case for some reason the 2nd one DOES actually end up posting (and then I’ll have a huge negative balance on one of my credit cards, how funny/useless would that be?) The online chat guy said I’ll be able to dispute the erroneous transaction once it posts, if it does.

But yay for no more credit card debt! May I never again be in so much debt to the credit card companies. (Still in a lot of debt on a car loan and student loans, though those are much lower interest).

I’m not there yet, but working hard at it so I want to thank you for your post reminding me that it’s possible.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for only one transfer.

Congratulations! You’ve worked hard for a year, and I bet you feel great!

Yes, definitely possible! Keep up the good work yourself :slight_smile:

Yeah it really does feel amazing. Plus, since I’ve been paying 500-800 bucks a month paying them off, I’m going to have a lot more income effectively, now that it’s all gone.

It seems like it’s NEVER going to go down, and that it’s an effort in futility to get those balances to shrink, especially when it’s split up across several cards like mine was. But tomorrow when I log in online, they should all read $0.00, assuming the transfers post appropriately, and seeing that is going to be MAGICAL.


Congrats! If I can get the job I want, I’ll be in the same boat in about 15 months!


Good for you! You deserve kudos.

Well done you.

In the days when I used to rack up a lot of CC debt, every couple of years I would take a consolidation loan from a credit union. Sometimes I’d tell them a porky pie and say that it was for home improvements or whatnot. Not only was the interest lower, but having a scheduled and regular repayment amount that I could account for at the beginning of the month helped my puny brain to conceive the timescales required to repay the loan (usually two years). It felt good when I knew the interest was dropping by about 80%, and I felt in control when I knew how long it would take to be debt-free - then awesome when I achieved it.

Of course racking up further CC debt while the original was being repayed didn’t help matters - so don’t do that.

Great for you Drewtwo99.

Credit cards are mongrel things. And those honeymoon periods of low rates can be real traps.