Financing/Refinancing raw land

This is a question really about the mortgage credit crunch currently going on. I know in normal times the answer would probably be no problem. I have a friend that has 160ac out in the boonies. The property has already been reparceled so the house sits on 5ac and the other 155ac is taxed as unimproved land. She wants to sell 120ac (at $1000/ac which I can guaranty she will never get but that’s a different story) and I told her that no one lends money for raw land - even for good credit - right now. Even hard money lenders are out of the picture since the few that will still lend are only doing 65% LTV (and the value of the land is about $10/ac if lucky).

Is there anyone out there financing/refying raw land? This is not a request for specific lenders but more of an idea of what is (or is not) available.

There’s a LOT of information we’d need to know before we could even consider the question.

Can the land be subdivided further?
What is the zoning?
Are there any utilities available to the site?
Is there paved road access to the site?
Any wetlands?
Is it currently arable farmland?
Any slope to the land?