Finding a large screen laptop for less

Is there a good website or way to find the largest screen size laptop at the lowest price?

I wasn’t really looking for a recommendation (but if you have one feel free to throw it out there). I’m looking for a way to find a big screen size, like an 18.4" or bigger if they make them, and make sure I’m getting it for as cheap as possible.

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Visit Newegg, TigerDirect, Dell and Lenovo.

The largest screen I found in a cursory search was 18.4".

Bigger doesn’t mean cheaper here. The alleged craze in netbooks is actually dropping screen size. I expect large screen laptops to be phased out.

18.4" + gets you into a very restricted set of manufs as 99.99% of notebooks are for 17" and below so getting a “deal” in this size is much more chancy in this size range as the number of units are limited.

Re 17.3 inch units Staples and Best Buy have decent “after rebate " weekly deals about once a month on various 17.3” units. The rest of the time it’s “meh”.

Thanks! I think I’m going to go 17.3"

The one I’m looking at now is this one from Walmart of all places.