Finding a new GYN after 20 yrs.

He retired!! I tried the new guy 2x, and nope, not doing it. I’ve taken the time true method of asking friends and none of their docs are in any proximity to my work or home, or they can’t recomment them.

Appreciate all and any ideas.

Try Angie’s list and read the reviews.

I look at my insurance company’s list of preferred providers and search on those docs in Angie’s list.

Mine left the practice and I don’t know what to do - I have an appointment with somebody with good reviews on Angie’s List but I have no idea how that’s going to go. I LIKED my old one. :frowning:

Ignorant Canadian here. I don’t have a GYN. My GP does the annual PAP and screening. What is it that they do?

Stick a speculum in your vagina and swab your cervix, mostly. Usually they are integrated OB/GYN practices where they would see you through any type of fertility or reproductive issue. If you had one.

I don’t know that many GPs who do pelvic exams. Well to tell you the truth, I don’t know many GPs at all. They’re something of a dying breed. And even if I had a GP, I’d be more comfortable having a pelvic with a practioner who does them all day, every day. Pelvic exams seem to me to be something that requires a great deal of practice to do well, and is VERY uncomfortable if done badly.

Actually most of the time I see a Nurse Practioner at my OB/GYN practice. I tend to prefer a NP over an MD for routine care.

No real help*, just sympathy. My primary moved to Chicago. She was great for my family. I really, really miss her.

Unfortunately I just lucked out. I picked doctors from a list of providers I got though my insurance and made appointments with the most convenient locations. No science to it at all.
*unless you live in Westchester County, NY or Baltimore, MD. I have recommendations in both of those places…unless Dr. F retired by now.

Do you still want kids/can you? This helps narrow down the field as if the answer is ‘no’ to either, and certainly if the answer is no to both, you can probably find a great older GP//family practicioner to tend to yearly stuff

Do check for board actions, but don’t be afraid of an OB/GYN if he/she has been sued (depending on what you can search). ‘Bad baby’ cases are very lucrative and many of them have been sued for that.

My one last sex stereotype is older males are the best OB/GYNS regarding understanding and deference to the awkwardness of it all, IMHO.

My GP is fantastic! In Ontario, it’s almost required that you have a GP in order to get access to other care.

I was only referred to an OB when I was pregnant.

I used to get my GYN care from various GPs over the years. They did my Pap tests and prescribed my pills and that was pretty much it. After years and years of agonizing periods with the usual, “well, it’s a period, it’s not supposed to be pleasant.” response from my GPs, I got myself a gynecologist.
She also does the Pap test and prescribes my pills but she also listened to my complaints and agreed that something was not right. She did further testing of her own and had me get a very unpleasant ultrasound. Come to find out, I have PCOS. She changed my pills and life has been good ever since.

It’s nice to know that if I ever decide that I want to have kids, I have a doctor who already knows what’s wrong with my reproductive parts who can recommend tests or treatments or whatever, without having to send me to someone else who doesn’t know me or my shitty ovaries.
I didn’t have to get a referral to get a GYN but I do need a referral for any other specialist. I think they consider having a uterus enough of a referral.
I agree that GPs are a dying breed. When I tried to get one with my new insurance, I found out that many of the ones available to me are actually specialists who also take regular patients. My GP is actually a pulmonary specialist. He always seems disappointed that there’s nothing wrong with my lungs, his response to my telling him about existing medical problems was, “what the heck is PCOS?”, and he has never seen me with my clothes off. But, he gives me referrals when I need them and prescribes my antidepressant. The one treatment he has given me in 2 years was for an inflamed eardrum and he also took care of my vaccination titers for college. My neurologist and gynecologist take care of the other stuff.

My insurance is changing again in August and I’ll be changing my GP to the doctor at the school infirmary (the one who diagnosed my neuro problem after talking to me for 30 minutes). I’ll keep my GYN though, even though it’s less expensive for me at school. I like her and I’m comfortable with her.