Finding a tattoo

A year-ish ago, I went to a tattoo parlor with a friend. It ended up being one of those beyond skanky places, and we left. But before we did, I went through this big book of all the tattoo designs (mostly professional designs) they could do. I fell in love with one of them and made a horrible, but fairly representative, sketch on a piece of paper.
A year later, I still have that paper. I taped it to my fridge door so I see it every day, and I’m still in love with it. I really want to get it as a tattoo. However, the place I originally saw it at (in addition to being terrible and gross) is also really long drive from where I am now. I’ve been to two places since then, and haven’t seen that design in either of those places. Is there anywhere I can go to see a an entire company’s book of designs (I’m assuming a company does stuff like this, I don’t know)?
Also, this is kind of related, can someone get a tongue piercing not in the center of their tongue? I always thought it’d be cute to get a hoop near the tip.

Oh! So you didn’t suddenly find a tattoo you didn’t know you had.


Oh yah. . . upon retrospect, that is a very open to interpretation subject line. Oh well–people might read it now.

If the drawing you have is fairly good, just take it in and work with the artist to get what you want. My tat was done off a drawing I found online. My friend who got one with me took a picture and worked with the artist to make it what she wanted.

That’s probably better than hunting all over, IMO…

Falcon’s got it dead to rights.

Any tattoo artist that’s worth anything will be able to draw what you have in mind, or fix up what you bring in.About the tongue ring. I’m not sure but i don’t think rings work well in tongues.You could probably find that out when your getting the tattoo.

Some of the designs do seem to repeat from shop to shop, but I think the really good designs are drawn by the tatoo artists themselves. It seems unlikely that there is a “Flash Company” cranking out dragons, fighting Leprechauns, and devil chicks with big accoutrements.

Ok. Here’s a lil advise that you can take or leave. I have two tats. My first I picked from a wall of flash and had the person crop to a size I wanted. It looks exactly like what I choose from the wall. My second tattoo, I drew a crappy pic on a piece of paper and gave it to my tattoo artist and asked him to make it better cause I cant draw. He drew an outline, but not the entire tattoo, and put it on my skin for me to preview. When the tattoo was completed, I was a little surprised because I didnt have a complete drawing to see before hand, only an outline. It isn’t exactly what I had in mind. In some ways its better and in some ways it isn’t what I wanted. When choosing a tat, I would suggest giving the artist an idea of what you want, but giving him artistic freedom as well. They say the best tats come when you just let the artist do his thing. But get a clear representation in a drawing before you have it put on your body. That way, you have something unique, that you know no one else has, but you also won’t be negatively surprised by anything either.