Finding out odd stuff about your friends' pasts...

Yesterday, a friend from church, who is now children’s minister at another church- same denomination, happened to mention in passing that at age 12, she helped her
Dad raise & train fighting chickens. And even has a trophy for it. Yes, she is appropriately embarrassed/ashamed of it now, but that was part of her past & she won’t deny it. AND still has the trophy, tho when the rooster on it recently broke off during an accidental fall, and she took it to the trophy shop to get fixed, she told them it was a 4-H trophy.

So what surprises have your friends sprung on you about their pasts?

I used to work with a guy who was racist. No, he wasn’t in the Klan and didn’t go out of his way to hate others. He had no problem making friends with people, no matter what their cultural background. All the same, he would make racist comments from time to time and I never knew where that disparity came from.

At some point, he mentioned that he grew up in a small town on the Mexican border. He was the only white kid in his elementary school and his dad was a Border Patrol Agent. He never stood a chance.