Finding wholesalers online.

I’m looking to find wholesalers of pc and video games online. All I find are either retailers masquerading as wholesalers or services that tell me who the wholesalers are. Why do wholesalers make themselves so hard to find? I understand they don’t want to be inundated with requests from retail purchasers but I’m looking to buy actual wholesale with a tax id and I can’t find them very easily. I can’t stomach paying someone to give me a link to a damn wholesale source. Anyone know where I can find them?

No clue, sorry, but I’ll bump this from Page 2.

Are you opening a store, or what?

I’ve been wondering the same thing about DVD wholesalers. (Posted a GQ a couple weeks ago and got zero replies.)

I can’t find any legitimate outfit on the web that wants to sell DVDs wholesale, besides eBay people hawking “lots” of crappy B-movie schlock.

Well I’ve got a tax id and was curious to know what the wholesale price on a pc/console game was these days. I can understand why a wholesaler wouldn’t want to be a sponsor link from google but to be so obscure as to require a third service to show people where you are is just weird. I feel like I’m trying to find an afterhours casino in Manhattan.