Fine dining suggestions in Honolulu?

In a few weeks, I’m going to be in Honolulu for my honeymoon. For the most part, I was planning on winging our dining choices by asking the concierge the day or night of where to go. But there is one night that I don’t want to do that. July 14th is my fiancée’s birthday, and I wanted to treat her to something special. We’re talking “dress up in suits and dresses, prix fixe menu with wine pairings” sort of special.

Since such a restaurant probably requires making reservations somewhat in advance, asking the concierge is out of the question. I figured I’d seek the wisdom of the Dope on this one. My fiancée and I have pretty broad tastes, so just about anything goes, with one major exception: we’re both vegetarian (including no fish). So, Dopers, any suggestions?

I’m sure others can chime in - I’m just marvelling that you are travelling to a place that runs on pork, eggs and fish.

If it were up to me, I’d stick with the Asian places - you’ll likely have better variety in your dining. Also please note that Hawaiians don’t do suits very much - dressing up to them involves the nicer variety of “Aloha attire.” You might want to follow suit.

Also, asking the concierge isn’t out of the question - they can get reservations to busy places.

I would suggest Keo’s for Thai, but I’m not sure that it is dressy enough for what you’re planning. I would second Mr. Moto’s comment, dressing up in Hawai’i is not the same as dressing up on the mainland. A nice Aloha shirt and nice pants is going-to-a-wedding or even getting-married attire in Hawai’i.

I have a distant relative who lives there and also posts here - we share the same mother, father and distant Nigerian relatives - however, I don’t think he’s a dress up kind of guy. Maybe he can ask his kids - they would prolly know.

My first choice would be Alan Wong’s, but the menu posted doesn’t feature any vegetarian entrees (There are veg appetizers and salads. And the desserts – I can’t even describe the awesomeness of The Coconut.). You’ll want to make reservations, probably now.

Where are you staying? In Waikiki? Or another part of the island? Are you renting a car?

We’ll be staying in Waikiki (the Moana Surfrider, to be precise), and will be renting a car for a few of the days we’re there, but not the entire time.

Alan Wong’s is very good, but it has been too long since I lived in Hawaii for me to give reliable advice. But if the fringes of the menu at Alan Wong’s looks good don’t hesitate to call them and ask if they’d be willing to prepare/suggest a vegetarian menu.

With warning many nice restaurants would be perfectly happy to do so.

And I second the sentiment that if you go to do dinner in a full suit you’ll stick out, but do whatever will make the evening special to you and don’t worry about it.

I’ll definitely give Alan Wong’s a call, and see what they can do. Part of the reason for wearing fancy clothes is that we’ll have them with us, having flown straight to Hawaii from the reception :slight_smile: