Fine, I'm back (possibly with some important info)

I did a non-flounce when the big changes were made to the boards, saying I really disliked the new format and probably wouldn’t stay. And for some months I did not read the Dope.

Then, of course, Covid happened. With a lot of time on my hands I started lurking without logging in. Quite a while later, I still don’t like the new format. But I’m back because I had to share this: I think Penn & Teller made a reference to the Straight Dope in the most recent episode of Fool Us. I’ll post in that thread.

Hello to anyone who remembers me!

Huh. I thought that you were going to inform us that you can really shake 'em down.

I understood that reference

Who are Penn and Teller and what is “Fool Us”?

Penn and Teller are a pair of comedic magicians. “Fool Us” is their current TV show, where other magicians do tricks, and P&T try to figure out how they do them.

Or… Wait. If they made reference to the Dope, that means they might be Dopers. And if so, they’d be trying to hide their identities… such as by feigning ignorance of themselves.

OK, fess up, @PastTense, which one of them are you?

PastTense → PT → P&T → Penn & Teller.
Obvious dual-use sock account; ban 'em.


Did what PastTense wrote count as speaking? That’d be a clue.

News reporters in Horseshoe Bay. They aren’t ghosts. I don’t think.

Due to some arcane banking regulation, after 5:00 PM Penn has to use the Automated Teller.

In case any one else felt “that thread” should have been linked, here ya go!

Well, Teller doesn’t speak…

Teller would appear speaking in YouTube ads for their “masterclass”, maybe one, two years ago. And obviously he speaks in the classes.

It surprised me, too. He is only mute for the performance - it’s respectable that he has never slipped up.


Were they menaced by ghosts? If not, then they themselves are ghosts. Those are literally the only two options in Horseshoe Bay. Those aren’t mutually exclusive options, of course; if they were menaced by ghosts, they might still be ghosts themselves. And they might not even be aware themselves that they were ghosts. So, odds are, they were ghosts.

I meant her never speaks in the act.
But enough of this, let’s get to stealing Past tense’s lunch money.

Hmmmm. I’m very concerned.

@Cecil_Adams you best check them IP addy’s.

And, btw. I’m still waiting on you.