Fine take my dignity too.

In an earlier thread I mentioned I was facing a diagnosis of hypertension. Well I have hypertension and am taking several meds to lower it, in addition to bi-weekly trips to the doctor. So in the last month I’ve been trying to give up coffee (almost there) and cigarettes (down to four a day).

My wife not to be outdone won’t let me have any fried foods either. She makes the greatest pork chops, they’re so tender and… Sorry I digress. So meals are exciting stir frys and broiled whatever, Yah!

Anyway today had to be the final straw. Dr. D now want to nail down the cause of the High BP. Ther are several causes beyond what he calls normal hepertension (apparently in 90% of cases noone knows why, it just is) as I’m on the youngish side. So he send me off to the lab.

I get to the lab and things are pretty obvious. A paper cup is handed to some people, others are getting numbers waiting for blood draws. So I get to the counter. The lady hands me a two-gallon jug. :eek: I’m thinking, hey lady that black thing is just a myth, when she hands me another maybe one gallon sized jug. Everybody in the place is looking on, and I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to come up with that much urine when she explains.

"This is gonna take two days…

Whew… Should be an interesting conversation starter when the wife asks me what’s in the fridge :smiley:

I had one of those one time. There was some sort of chemical in the jug when I got it, and when I added my urine to it, the stench was unbearable. I would take it out into the yard and pee into it there because I couldn’t bear to open it in the house.

Better yet, leave it in the fridge at work. That’ll teach people to help themselves to something that isn’t theirs.

Oh hell, let me take it to work. That will teach them to stop taking other peoples drinks out of the cooler.

And the black thing is just a myth? Damn all my fantasies are shattered now!

I do hope you are feeling better.

frobozz Now I almost wish I had asshole co-workers like that. Great fantasy thought just the same.

Kricket I’d send it to you but the lab called dibs, can’t imagine what they’re gonna do with it. The myth thing depends on who I’m talking to wouldn’t, want to cause any white male anxiety :smiley:

But anyway thanks I pretty much started feeling better within days of taking Tenormin, however the doc upped the dosage and added something else, as it wasn’t dropping the pressure low enough for his comfort. I guess I’ll be dealing with this a while. The boys are happy, it got me to cut down the smoking, so I guess that’s at least something.

My wife is a flight attendant and had to take a similar test that lasted all day. She had to take the jug with her on all her flights. She usually comes back with big stories to tell, but thankfully this time there were no mishaps.