Finger Jam

What happens when you jam a finger and why does it hurt for several days after it happens?

well normally, when you jam a finger, the finger becomes surrounded with a gelatinis goo that is usually spread over bread.

now as for the pain lasting for a few days… i don’t know how you’re jamming your finger, but when i do it, it is painless.

Ah yes, the finger jam. Many’s the time I’ve had that happen to me, usually while catching a softball. Sophomoric jokes aside, my guess would be that something forcibly pushing the joints in your finger together causes swelling, so you can’t bend it for a while. Probably breaks tiny blood vessels too, causing pain and bruising.

Not to mention bones. My right middle fingertip was turned to powder by a baseball.

It can also tear ligaments and cartilage, and those take longer to hear.

Yep, broken vessels and swelling from fluid pushed into spaces where they should not be. After a couple of days try a warm pack.

If you can’t remember to take care not to bang it into things while you are at home-gently wrap it to the finger next to it. Looks odd when you are not at home but if it hurts enough you can do the same for work, too.

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