Fingernails on the chalkboard

I don’t mind that sound but people who slurp their coffee gives me the willies. Any sounds out there that give you the willies?

I can’t stand the sound of a ringing phone. It absolutely drives me nuts.

Nails on a chalkboard don’t bother me, but nails on those horrible slick vinyl binder covers drives me nuts. I guess because I hate the feel of my nails on slick vinyl – every time I hear that horrible sound it just makes me want to tear my fingers off. Which would be some trick to do that to both hands.

Cutting a milk carton with a knife… OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooogy… I hate it!!

You know that stupid little things you get at the craft store? They are usually little Xmas ornaments or something of that ilk. They remind me of ceramic, but in a more raw form. I guess you’re supposed to paint them, but I can’t even stand to be around when someone picks one up. The noise is just so Experiment IV-ish.

A friend of mine can’t deal with styrofoam rubbing against styrofoam, but she’s just a freak.

That wretching sound my dog makes right before he pukes up that yellow slime.

Also, the sound of someone rubbing a brown paper bag. Brrrr.

The sound of my dog chewing the fuzz off of tennis balls. Im cringing just thinking of it

Dire Wolf–I hate that sound too, except it’s a cat/hairball situation. (Yellow slime…LMAO that was hilarious!)

My Mom can’t stand the sound that a knife makes when it squeaks against a plate. This proved to be great fun for my brother and me.

My personal worst: the scratchy sound that a cotton ball makes when you rub it between your fingers. Gives me shivers.

AUGH!!! That’s the same sound that my dog chewing on her ball makes! It’s the same when she rips up a cloth doll. That sound makes me shiver as well.

That and the feel of cotton between my teeth (AUGH!)

For me, it’s the smell of pencil lead.

Nails on a chalkboard.
Thanks for giving me goose skin here.
Just thinking of it made it.:frowning:
That’s worst of all for me.

Chewing polystyrene. Or cotton wool.

You know those flip-flop shoes you had as a kid? The ones that had two pictures on them, you could see either one if you held it at an angle? Well, I can’t STAND the sound it makes to run your fingers across those ridges…just the thought of it makes me want to vomit.

Also, the sound that a knife makes when it slips on a ceramic plate. Right up there with the chalkboard.

Oh…the sound of Madonna’s voice. I don’t know why, but it really does make me feel sick. (Sorry to any Madonna fans out there.)

The sound of two sqeaky clean ceramic type dinner plates being rubbed together. Every time I put the dishes away and have to stack the dinner plates it makes that noise…shudder

fork tines on ceramic plate :shudder:
fingernails on car paint that needs a wax job :shudder[sup]2[/sup]:
clipping or filing nails (I think it’s the high pitch)

My boss can’t stand watching/hearing someone crease paper. (Guess what we do when he ain’t lookin’)

Celine Dion - no question

when my fingernails accidentally scrape a terra cotta pot – say I’m repotting plants

people crunching on crunchy stuff in public - please don’t eat chips, nachos, fritos, cheetos next to my head. Example: the person behind me at the movies invests an arm and a leg in nachos. I don’t care if you want to spend your retirement fund at the movies, I just don’t want to hear it going down your gullet.

lip smackin’ gum popping - makes me want to commit violence

whistling – people whistling. This probably stems from jealousy, as I am unable to whistle

car alarms

Come to think of it, most high-pitched, mechanical noises drive me bonkers.

Please don’t bite on the utensil, it is not a necessary part
of chewing your food. Thank you. And close your mouth when
you eat. That’s it.

My alarm clock, and any noise people make with their mouth. Eww.

Dogzilla - I know what you mean about fingernails on the terra cotta pots. I can’t stand to have my nails even touch them, same with paper, anything from the freezer that has little tiny ice crystals on it, or basically anything that has that kind of texture. ::shudder shudder shudder::

My dog likes to chew on:

His ceramic dish,
the brick hearth under the wood stove.

This makes me nuts!

I have a thing about the smell/feel (not sure which it is) of rough-ish paper. Only certain types. When I have to fold it or need to handle it in some way.

Sorry, not a very clear description. Maybe someone else could describe it, or I am the only person with this er…terrible affliction?