A few questions regarding fingerprints:

Is there any scientific reason humans have fingerprints?

Do other bi-ped mammals have them (apes, monkeys)?

When were fingerprints first thought to be used in solving crimes?



The Science.
Primate Fingerprints.
The History.

Fingerprints may actually be on their way out as a crime-solving tool. It’s very hard to get a complete, non-smeared one, there’s way more room for error than DNA, and fingerprints can’t be dated. Just some trivia. :wink:

And of course, More Science!

My guess is that the ridges help the fingers grip things.

Interestingly, koalas also seem to have “fingerprints.”

slight hijack…
The prints on my right hand are mirror images of the ones on my left–except for the index finger. Anyone else notice anything like this?

Mine too J String. And yes, I had noticed. Had even thought about posting a question regarding that in the last 4 or 5 days.