Finish for Butcher Block Table?

We have a butcher block table we refinished a few years back using a polyurethane finish. But, now the finish has become tacky, and it is very annoying. I mean, among other things, warm plates will stick to the table requiring a small amount of force to remove from the table. So, we’ve sanded down the table and we just want to finish with a top coat of something that will dry and cure “clean”. Watching many videos on refinishing butcher block table tops (many useless - some without words, others assume you know what you’re doing and skip details, and none mentioning tips and pitfalls to avoid) we fell upon Mahoney’s finishes (and an oil wax finish). It sounds good, but they are not sold in Lowes or Home Depots and are pricey. Can someone recommend a good finish more commonly found at local stores (and more likely to be reasonably priced)?

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I’ve never used them, but my local hardware places have specific butcher block/cutting board finishes.

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The best finishes I can think of is a food Grade Butcher Block Clear coat oil. Once you’re sanded, the oil is an easy job to apply.

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But this isn’t a cutting board, it’s a table, so food-grade finishes aren’t necessary.

The oils are easy to apply and reapply every 6 months, year or 2 years as needed. I love Tung Oil and Danish Oil for just that reason. But I wouldn’t use those on a food prep area.

Oh, when working with any oils like these, be careful of the rags. Leave them to air out and dry up outside on dirt or cement as oil soaked rags are notorious for spontaneous combustion.

I had this happen with Linseed Oil rags we used annually to preserve the inside of a wooden boat.