FIOS install regarding existing wiring

A dwelling has telco installed POTS 4 pair copper to most rooms, homerun from the DMARC, and RG-6 to most rooms, also homerun from the cable DMARC.

If I understand the info on Verizon’s website correctly, the FIOS hub serves as the fiber to copper interface, such that CATV and telco can link there for distribution throughout the dwelling-no further interior wiring necessary.

Right? Wrong? Should I go back to two soup cans and a string? :stuck_out_tongue:

That is correct - no further inside wiring changes should be needed. The only caveat is if the RG-6 is still in good condition.

They do run a CAT-5 cable to where ever you want to put the router (at least they did for my install).

As an aside, I hope they roll out FiOS TV in Oregon soon!

You should see his truck.