Fire breathing demons over my right shoulder.

“The Music of the Bald”

My new home (in 19 days) that is perched just below the second highest peak in Georgia. Rabun Bald.

Evidently, according to some Indian Legend it is habitated by fire-breathing demons. There are reports of sounds of babies crying or canons firing or sounds they call “The Music of the Bald.” Also, it is said to be haunted by the spirits of two men who were murdered there.

I can’t decide if I’m terrified, or want to plot a secret trail up to the top to scare the shit out of hikers. It is on the Bartram Trail right along the Blue Ridge Divide, so there is a good amount of foot traffic.

Pretty mundane, certainly pointless and well, I’ve never lived that close to anywhere that is supposedly haunted.

Did I mention I’m moving in 19 days? YAY! Who knows when I’ll get internet access, but I can well assure you, I shall be drinking coffee watching the sunrise on my porch THE FIRST DAY.

There’s a great description of it.

Oh, please do this! Please?

And most of us will wish we were with you. Bald Mountain Dopefest!!!

You should plant some speakers so you can play “Night on Bald Mountain” out there at appropriate times.

No, no, no…for an actual Bald Mountain Dopefest you have to come here. We have a Bald Mountain. That is its actual name. You can ski down it if you like. :slight_smile:

I love the trail to freak out hikers idea.

Oh, and living in the mountains? Mine are different, but it’s excellent. I’d be jealous if I didn’t love it here.