Firefighters Killed in the Duetsche Bank Building

Given that the building was damaged and left abandoned after 9/11, will their names be added to 9/11 Memorials? I know that they’ve added names of people who’ve died in recent years from medical conditions caused by the attacks, so it’s possible that they could do the same with these firefighters.

Why was that building still standing almost six years after the event?

According to the articles I’ve read it was abandoned following 9/11 and was a contaminated toxic site. It was in the process of being demolished. This is mentioned in the posted article.

As to why it took 6 years I’m not sure, although tearing down a 40 story hazmat site probably has to proceed pretty slowly.

Actually, I believe it’s tied into the fact that construction on the replacement “Freedom Tower” hasn’t begun yet, either: Squabbling among political officials. Everybody’s arguing over who’s supposed to pay for what, and who can do what.

While I don’t speak for the USFA, the FDNY members who perished on 18 Aug 07 did not have direct tie to the events of 9/11. As such, they aren’t likely to be added to the existing plaque for the 343 in Emmittsburg, MD. They will be remembered with the other brothers and sisters who have made the ultimate sacrifice in 2007.

My question is: Why the firefighters had to enter an abandoned building? Were there other, occupied structures in danger? If not, why not just let it burn?

Well if you just let it burn it could collapse, sending 26 floors of contaminated debris crashing down. The smoke was probably also a health risk - sending asbestos and whatnot floating all around the area.