Firefighters/Paramedics compensation

In my home county , there is a big debate whether or not firefighters should get paid extra for having their paramedic certification. The county doesn’t want to pay extra because they already pay paramedics/EMT’s for that job. It’s gotten to the point of being ridiculous, with slander campaigns and fights. Firefighters are really vocal about pointing out its a public health issue and we should pay.

How is this arranged in your community? Do you think firefighters should be paid for doing something another division is already set up to do?

I vote for higher pay. Becoming a paramedic is not a quick process, at least here. (I don’t know if these are state or federal guidelines, though.) IIRC, in Indiana you must qualify as an EMT (after completing the schooling and testing), work for two years while taking additional training, do additional testing, and then you certify as a paramedic.
Then again, if the county doesn’t require EMT/EMT-P certification, I guess they shouldn’t be required to pay extra for those who have it. However, in that case, those employees should be employed exclusively as firefighters, not as firefighter-paramedics. Which will lead to a whole new Can o’ Worms, should someone die because s/he was not treated in a timely fashion even though there was an firefighter-EMT/EMT-P on the scene.
My husband is a paramedic and at one time was slotted for a firefighter position. I don’t believe he would have received extra compensation for his medical certification, but he would have been limited in the medical care he would have been able to give as a firefighter. So essentially, his certification would have been fairly meaningless, as he would have only been allowed (or able, due to lack of equipment on the firetrucks) to use first responder-type patient care.
Does that all make sense? I’m exhausted and perhaps incoherent.