Firefighting Legend, Red Adair dead at 89

Unless you are part of a specilized field, you might not know who Red Adair is. Red was a firefighter, but not just any firefighter. He fought oil fires, and was so good at it that John Wayne played him in a movie based on his life called “Hellfighters”. His company, Red Adair Inc., created the science of putting out well fires in a variety of locations. Not a single Red Adair Inc. employee has ever been seriously hurt or killed. Impressive for such a dangerous activity that ends with putting dynomite around a buring well and blowing it. Then running up and putting a cap on it. You want to do it? :slight_smile:

Saturday night he died from natural causes at a Houston hospital. Adair was a legend in his field and in the eyes of a seven year old boy who met him for the first he was a god. Red had a personality that would knock over a truck. He was afraid of nothing. His ability to chat for an hour with a young kid, and his fearlessness going headfirst into raging oil fires were equal.

Adair was hired at the age of 76 to put out the Kuwait oil well fires, and capped the last one 9 months after he started. A full 4 years before his deadline was due.

Goodbye Hellfighter. Goodbye Houstonian. Goodbye friend.

You will be missed.

I’m not from Texas, but I know exactly who Red Adair is. Aw, this is sad. Glad that he had a rich, full life, however.

Sounds like he was indeed a remarkable fellow.

While reading a news story about his death, I came across this he said in an interview in 1991:

“I’ve done made a deal with the devil,” Adair said. “He said he’s going to give me an air-conditioned place when I go down there, if I go there, so I won’t put all the fires out.”


Ahhhh…so sad. He was a hell of a person, by all accounts.

He was about the bravest SOB I ever heard of and the very best at what he did. He’ll be missed

Nope - never been in a field even remotely connected to fire-fighting, or oil, or anything of the sort but I knew exactly who the person referred to was in the title of this thread.

Sorry to hear he’s gone - but there’s something to be said for dying in your own bed after a lifetime of work both dangerous and worthwhile.

Air conditioner in hell? Not a chance - this one’s clearly on the side of the angels.