Firefly **SPOILERS**

Kaylee so cute.

That’s not a spoiler. We all knew that already.

Details, details.

Kaylee cute.

If you’re talking about “War Stories,” I’ve got to say it was the best episode of the show so far.

Jayne, twice in the episode: “I’ll be in my bunk.”

Wash being able to hit the docking port from 6,000 miles without mid-course corrections: Damn, he really is a hot-shot pilot.

River shooting three guys without turning to look at them: spooky-cool.

The fact that the bad guy survived: Disappointing, since he was real scum, but clearly a set-up for more encounters.

Mal: “Now you want to meet the ‘real me?’”

Zoe and Wash at the end: “We’ll be in our bunk.”

Jayne at the end: “Ooh, free soup!”

One last comment: Joss and friends sure like to see women kissing. Not that I’m complaining, you understand.

My favorite line:

“Doesn’t the bible prohibit killing?”
“It does, but it’s somewhat fuzzy on the subject of kneecaps.”