Firefox 2.0 question

I just installed Firefox 2.0 a couple of days ago and now I’m noticing that my browser seems to be blocking certain kinds of content. I’m close to total illiteracy when it comes to computers so I don’t really know the vocabulary for what it’s blocking except that I think it’s certain kinds of flash. For instance, when I go to I get a blank space where I used to get the video stuff. As another example, I get a blank page here at this page which was linked in another thead (the “find the states” game).

Some of what’s getting blocked is just annoying ads and stuff which I don’t mind about but some stuff I would like to bale to see.

I installed the latest firefox flash extension but it didn’t change anything. I’m sure this is some really simple problem but I’m an idiot with computers. Could somebody help me out with a clue?


Sounds like maybe you no longer have Flash installed. That state game is Flash-based, and has flash content on it too.

Here’s a link to’s Flash page, where you can download the player.

In case you find anything else missing,
* Adobe Reader
* Java Plugin
* Macromedia Flash Player
* Macromedia Shockwave Player
* QuickTime
* RealPlayer 10
* Windows Media Player

CMC fnord!

My problem seems to be with installing the flash player. When I try to install it I get a quick little message that it’s “copying,” and that’s it. The “install flash” icon just stays there. I’ve downloaded and run a flash uninstaller in and tried to install again. Still nothing. I’ve rebooted my computer. Nothing. What would be preventing me from being able to install the flash player (I’m on windows, by the way).

Try this,

CMC fnord!