Firefox browser attack - screenshot

I’ve seen this attack several times in the past couple months. Tries to open a Firefox patch that I always cancel. The URL isn’t from Mozilia. This time I captured my screen. Seems to be coming from ads on news sites like NY Daily News.

I uploaded the screen capture after editing out my IP

scary stuff! Watch out for these attacks and stay safe! These attacks are getting more and more clever.

Lots of these attempted attacks come from ads.
Yet another reason to have Adblocker installed!

yeah, and when I clicked your link I got a bunch of bullshit popups. what the fuck are you trying to do here?

I’ve never gotten any popups from imagebam But Firefox blocks most of them anyhow.

Used imagebam for over 7 years for temporary links to photos. They don’t require a login like Photobucket. Upload the photo, get the link and paste in my text post. I use PB for more permanent pic links.

"Your network segment is vulnerable to malware injections."

Sounds dirty! :slight_smile:

Clicking on the link will download and install malware. Best to use Malwarebytes to scan your computer just in case.