Firefox extension won't install

I checked the “have a computer question” thread, and I searched here but can’t find an answer. I also checked the Firefox home page, but since I don’t understand what it’s telling me to do…I figured I’d ask.

I’m trying to install the extension for Firefox at home - it installed fine at work once I allowed the site. I get the message that installation isn’t allowed, and I followed the instructions, but still no go. I tried getting it from the Firefox extensions page at, but it still won’t install and I just keep getting the yellow bar telling me that I can’t install.

I’m using Firefox 1.5, and when I looked for help at the mozilla page, I found this:

Problem is, I don’t know where to find about:config or xpinstall.enabled - help?

just type " about:config" in the address bar … you’l get a long list of configuration options … they’re alphabetized, so scroll way down to find xpinstall.enabled

[li]When you try to install, what exact error message do you get. Cut and Paste if necessary, or write it down.[/li][li]about:config you get by typing “about:config” in the address bar and clicking “go”.[/li][/ol]

But I doubt that install is disabled. To give you more help, I need to know the exact error you’re seeing.

I don’t see an error, but a normal dialog bar - the yellow bar at the top of my Firefox window that tells me that installations are disabled and to use edit options to change it. But I go there, add the page from which I want to install and it still doesn’t work - I just get the same yellow bar again, whether I restart Firefox or not.
Thanks for letting me know how to get to about:config. I got that reset and the install worked.