Firefox: Getting rid of Facebook popup notifications that appear while you are using other programs

Facebook made a new “beneficial change” the other day, and I can’t find anything online on how to remove it. Basically, now if say you are in MS Word and someone sends you a message in FB, a little thing pops up on your screen saying, “Jackass sent a photo.” Can’t find a way to get rid of that! Help + thanks!

As a side note, about a month ago, Facebook changed its non-annoying sound effect you get when you receive a message to something piercing and highly annoying. So I had to disable that. That can be done in “Notifications” in Settings. I can’t find anything in there to turn off the popups, however. Idiots.

Even when FB is not open in the browser these messages are appearing!!! Fuuuuuuck!!!

Help, please, someone!

Windows 10, settings, system, turn notifications off.

Mac. :frowning:

a) Read Facebook, as much of it as you wish to read, in your browser.

b) Log the fuck OUT of Facebook when you’re done.

c) Go about your business.

Easier still. At least on my iPad and iPhone I can go to Settings: Notifications: then turn off or modify. Same on Mac?

Thanks. I turned on “Do Not Disturb”–we’ll see if that works. Thing is, I thought I had had that on.

That didn’t work either. Sigh. Also, it only seems to be for certain friends on FB.

I’m using chrome but when I got that stupid pop-up I just moused over it and it gave me the option to turn off the notifications. And then when I went to FB (because I did want to see if someone had laughed heartily at my post) I was given another option to shut off notifications.

So far it has stopped following me around.

It shouldn’t be possible to get a popup from Facebook through Firefox like that unless you explicitly enabled desktop notifications when prompted, or have gone through and changed the default settings. First open Facebook in Firefox, login, then right click on a blank spot on the page and choose “View Page Info.” Go to the Permissions tab and makes sure any option that mentions Notifications is set either to “Always Ask” or “Never.”

You may also want to type “[noparse]about:permissions[/noparse]” into the Firefox URL bar, where you will be able to change permissions for all sites.

However, I suspect it has nothing to do with Firefox, and has to do with OS X itself. Unfortunately, I have no experience there, so all I can do is recommend these instructionsfrom SuperUser.

I had tried the first thing but not the last thing, so I hope this will work, thank you!