Firefox pop-up ads

How do I keep Firefox from popping up those insipid ads every fifteen minutes or so?
I don’t mind having ads when I’m in a site, I understand this. But these ads pop up at random over any sites I might be in.

Is this the curse of Firefox?

How long before Microsoft starts popping up ads in Explorer?
It ain’t right I tell ya. :dubious:

Firefox does not cause ads to pop up. You are either visiting sites with many popup ads, or have some spyware installed.

Seconded. The browser itself does not cause pop-ups, it is merely the medium through which the pop-ups are manifest. Hie thee to a pop-up blocker.

I’ll third the same thing.

Firefox does not cause pop ups. It’s spyware.

'K, I’m off to Spyware blocker.

Err… where do I get a spyware blocker?? ::embarased::

In Firefox, under your preferences or options menu, click on the “content” icon. The first item is “block pop-up windows.” Is that checked or unchecked?

Ad Aware
Free. It should work pretty well. Try Spybot Search and Destroy as well.


Also install the extensions:
Adblock Plus
Adblock Plus Filter Uploader
No Script

You will have to train Flashblock and NoScript but it is simple enough.

Most users won’t need 2), and no one needs 4) if 3) is installed. NoScript blocks Flash just fine.

Thanks, all. I’m trying your suggestions.

The Ad Block Plus extension is all I have and it works fine for me.

Just an observation that you should probably clean up the problem in addition to installing the aforementioned extensions. As others have indicated, given that you are getting the popups “at random”, you quite likely have some spyware or other nasties floating around your system. They could be doing other fun stuff in addition to giving you random popups.

I’ve run Spybot, it worked for a while, then I started getting Pop-ups again.
I just loaded NoScript, and it seems to be exactly what I need. It blocks everything!
This is probably just what I need.