Firefox vs Yahoo - login problems

I can’t seem to log into Yahoo anymore using Firefox. I can log in on IE and Y!Messenger, so my account is fine. It used to work fine on Firefox, but something happened in the past week or so and now I can’t.

If I try to log in it keeps redirecting me back to the login screen after apparently successfully logging me in. It’s like the cookie for my session isn’t getting written, but I’ve cleared my cookies (all once, then all Yahoo cookies the second time) and made sure my settings allow cookies. Cookies work on other sites (like SDMB) and I can stay logged in to those.

I’ve restarted Firefox, installed the latest version of Firefox (3.5.6) and rebooted my machine.

Any thoughts?

One of the problems with Firefox is that it won’t keep anyone logged in most sites. It will remember the login name and password, such as for Straight Dope, but that’s it. If that’s changed, please tell me. However, it won’t even remember this information for some sites, such as Yahoo. Did you check passwords under Security? Maybe deleting it there might work.

It worked fine for the past 2 years. I have no idea what changed, as I didn’t purposely change any settings. This never used to be a problem, I would stay logged into Yahoo for 2 weeks, after which it would prompt me to reenter my password.

Hrmm, I just cleared all cookies even remotely related to Yahoo and now it works again. Curiouser and curiouser…