Firestone tire flap?

Well, it has been months! since we heard anything about the allegedly unsafe Firestone tires. Given the tactics of the american news media, it is apparent to me that :
-the tires were not that bad after all-it was the driver’s errors that caused most of the accidents
-the government’s “investigation” was a poorly-run “witch hunt”
-the ralph nader style “big lie” tactics are starting to backfire-people are seeing through this type of shoddy investigative reporting!
so how is it that a HUGE story suddenly disaapears like that? Or have the lawyesr discovered that there isn’t much money to be extorted from firestone?
What’s YOUR take on this mystery?

I think as far as the community is concerned, it’s basically over.

Granted, this is the expert hired by Firestone, but as far as the locals are concerned, it’s over.

So I think the answer to EG’s question would be “All of the above”.