First 100 Callers and another radio question

Hi SD,

I’ve always wondered if companies that advertise and say the first 20 or 30 or 100 callers get something special are telling the truth? Are they prepared to provide that “special gift” to everybody, or literally only the first 100? Do they keep track? Seems like a marketing ploy getting people to call in faster, but I wanted to make sure. Would some salesman actually say, “Sorry, you didn’t call in fast enough, you get the regular price.”

Also, I’ve noticed that in radio ads they string words together and take out the pauses for breath. Why? Is this because of a premium on space or is there a psychological reason for it? Maybe breathing noises are unattractive on radio? It just sounds so manic.

You know, come to this Kia dealership for the best deals on thousands of cars Cadenzas Optimas all for the best price super savings come in today right off the bridge in the middle of Main Street stop in today!!! Were radio commercials always like this?



That first 50 callers bit is to get you to call right now; otherwise you might forget. Everybody gets the call now price.