First casino poker game in Atlantic City

I played 2/4 HoldEm all night last night at the Taj in AC, my first casino poker game, and had a pretty good time, actually. The stakes are much lower, at least in that game, than I had figured–I suppose my $100 bankroll could have evaporated, but it’s not a ‘ridiculous’ amount of money… and in fact I came out up due to a run of $68 big hands all at once upon sitting at a new table–my first deal made the highest 3 of a kind and the second deal showed me a straight the other players didn’t think I had. So despite the rake, despite tipping a dollar a beverage and a dollar per winning hand, I still made almost seventy bucks in about six hours, and it was fun as well.

Also made a quarter on nickel slots. I might stop there so I can be one of the few people to be up on slot machines.

I have never played at Taj, how was the atmosphere? My friends and I always end up at Borgata and we usually start over there too but its so far from everything else. Occasionally, we start over at Caesar’s which has a pretty nice crowd and we will slowly work our way over to Borgata. Personally I am all about a friendly atmosphere since I only mess with low stakes in person.

I am glad you enjoyed yourself, to me that is the most important part. Of course, it doesn’t hurt when I end up for the night either. I won $5 on the nickel slots the first time I played and I haven’t fed a machine since. You should join me in quitting while we are ahead.

Good work! Nothing better than getting at a good table with quality play and friendly players.

It’s funny. I play poker a couple nights a week but last time I was in Vegas, I didn’t play a single hand until my VERY LAST NIGHT of the trip. Started at the 2/4 table, moved up to 3/6 and then to 4/8 when the 3/6 table broke.

It was in August and some guys were bummin because they had just been knocked out of the World Series of Poker. Table broke down to about 6 of us about midnight (the 2/5NL game was siphoning off all our players.)

The six of us played non-stop for the next NINE HOURS. Nobody really won, nobody really LOST outside of the occasional donkey to infuse another $100 into the table. Everyone was just kicking back and having a friendly game. It was a really great game.