First confirmed cases of Covid-19 in house cats.

Cat lovers, please keep your kitties indoors and safe. Coronavirus isn’t believed to jump from animals back to humans, but nobody wants to see their pets ill, especially at a time like this.

And nobody needs people deciding to harm your cats outdoor cats because teh virus!!!1!

Considering the tigers and other big cats that likely have it (they show symptoms but the zoos won’t test them because they have to be put out for the test, and that is deemed riskier than the virus), it’s not surprising.

First cats, and now a dog.

Possible first canine case is detected in NC family’s pet.

Dogs can get canine coronavirus, in fact they’re routinely vaccinated against it, but this is the first case of a dog contracting Covid-19 in the U. S. A.

Are we setting up for Planet of the Apes?


That’s it. My Siamese cats will now wear masks and sanitize their paws frequently.

Bear and Meeko are starting to hoard kitty litter.

They are social distancing up in the beams and sending death rays from their flashy blue eyes.

If cats, dogs, ferrets, bats, and humans can all get it: maybe we’re setting up for Planet Return of the Dinosaurs.

Are rodents immune? Some years ago I sat at an outside bench in San Francisco’s zoo. A chipmunk frisked me head-to-toe for food. If she’d had COVID, I’d be a goner. :eek:

I worry about my Skittles. He’s in excellent general health, but he’s still 18 years old.

Don’t forget Pangolins.

To the best of my knowledge, all the cats who’ve been diagnosed with it so far have or are expected to recover.

On the one hand, that’s a pretty small sample. On the other hand, the small size of the sample implies that either cats only get it rarely, or that cats who get it are usually asymptomatic.

ETA: nevertheless, probably only cats’ immediate families, and the vet. if necessary, should handle them. Just in case.